Willow Creek 3 Budget
A new budget is prepared toward the end of each calendar year, then reviewed and approved by the board of directors for the following calendar year.

Click here  to view the 2019 Willow Creek 3 budget. 

Willow Creek 3 Reserve Study
This reserve study is a valuable tool to assist the board of directors in making the decision to which the dues are derived. Typically, the reserve contribution makes up 15% – 40% of the association’s total budget. Therefore, reserves are considered to be a significant part of the overall monthly association payment.  The reserve study is updated periodically to remain current.

Click here to view the Willow Creek 3 General Reserve Study.
Click here to view the Willow Creek 3 Townhome Reserve Study.

Monthly Operating Report
Click   here   to view the August 2019 Willow Creek 3 Operating Report.